Welcome in the sixth season of the Randonneurs Hongrie!


We are organizing BRM tours in the framework of the Randonneurs Hongrie since 2011. Till now 1.114 bikers from 15 countries and 3 continents have ridden 393 thousand BRM kilometers in Hungary. The next season - the year of 2016 - contains 5 BRM 200 tours. In addition to the classical tours of the lake Balaton (Au bord de l'eau) and the Kiskunság, we will have BRM 200 tours also in Baranya, in the Pilis and in Veszprém County. We have also Flèche, a BRM 300 tour (Rendek Maraton), a BRM 400 tour (Bakony Extreme) and a BRM 600 ride (Eastern Tour) as well. The latter one is a real curiosity with a lot of superb sights.

And finally the top tour of the next season is the BRM Tour of Hungary, which is in fact a full BRM tour series (BRM 200, BRM 300, BRM 400, BRM 600, BRM 1000 and BRM 1200). The longest tour is 1259 km long and contains 6838 meter difference in height. The "little brother" of this tour has got 1808 meter level rises. The BRM 1200 tour is the forth edition of our superbrevet. But this new version has got more sights, with bigger geographical and cultural diversity.

We hope that our next year's tour series will be also successful and we can share our experiences with a lot of randonneurs and tourists from all corners of the world. Meet our homeland be part of the challenge.

Ákos Székely-Molnár
Representative Randonneurs Hongrie




Italian blog post

Il Magister hotel che è il campo base di questo brevetto è un orribile cassone stile vetero-comunista con personale, non tutto per fortuna, uguale alla struttura. Questo confermerebbe le teorie di molti architetti sulla stretta correlazione tra struttura abitative e caratteri degli abitanti. Altro>>





Тур Венгрии-1400

Russian forum posts

Маршрут марафона шел по верхнебалатонским горкам, Северную Венгрию, Великую равнину, затем через два объекта Всемирного культурного наследия - музеи под открытым небом Pannonhalma and Hollókő. и затем возврат через Южный Задунайский край к месту старта, в Veszprem. Part 1, Part 2




 BRM 1200 - Tour de Transdanubie

Englisch and Hebrew article

There were a lot of participants from many countries on the first Hungarian BRM 1200 tour. Some bikers performed another BRM 1200 tour in Belgium as well. Among them Tal Katzir has written an interesting report about the tour. You can read it here: English (Hebrew)





Tour de Transdanubie 2013

German article

A new report was published about the Tour de Transdanubie. The author, Peter L. Zinner give us a detailed travelogue about the tour. This report is not only very detailed, but also very interesting. You can read it by clicking here.





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